Freshforte is a subsidiary of Farmforte focused on the distribution and sale of farm-fresh food and food-related items.

Value delivered,

Freshforte has a large network of smallholder farmers and growers

They help maintain an ever-expanding selection of food products and fresh produce.

Farm Fresh, Quality Products

Freshforte’s mission is to offer customers value for money by offering them the highest quality food products at great prices and the control of the value chain for its products plays a significant role in achieving this.
Value Money
Highest Quality

The Freshforte brand has

2 Divisions

These divisions help cater to different audiences and keep the brand’s reach as wide as possible.
Wholesale Division
The Freshforte brand that provides food products to hotels, restaurants, cafeterias, schools, retail, hospitals, and the likes.
Retail Division
The Freshforte brand and it provides high-quality food products directly to retail customers.
The Challenge

Freshforte needed a brand identity that would convey its mission, value, and model.

The new identity needed to be
The new identity needed to be
The new identity needed to be
The Freshforte brand identity needed to show what separates the brand from the competition which is its positioning to help businesses and retail customers solve supply chain and quality issues while sourcing for food.
Freshorte needed its identity to be associated with:
An ever-increasing product variety
Quality Assurance
A Sustainable Model
Faster and Reliable Delivery
Price Stability and Affordability
The Solution
We created a brand identity that was visually conservative and also expressive depending on how it needed to be presented.
Having a clear understanding of what Freshforte needed its brand to represent. This was done to help distinguish between Freshforte Enterprise and Freshforte Go.

We created a stunning logo and brand elements including typography, colours, and icons.

Main Logo
Responsive Logo
Primary Font
Museo Slab
The quick brown fox jumps over a lazy dog
Secondary Font
AaBbCcDdEeFf 12345$&#!

We also incorporated the use of illustrations and the green, red, and yellow brand colours of the brand to design various brand assets.

Packaging Case Study
Coming Soon
Bringing it all together
The Freshforte brand identity was created to not only convey the brand’s overall mission and values but also to let each of the products by the brand shine and provide a brand experience that is fresh and exciting consistently.